Net Zero Heroes: Interview with Victoria Orr founder at Amandla Ubuntu

It’s an uncertain time to be a business. But beyond the immediate challenges posed by the pandemic and Brexit is a longer-term, and some might say more pressing challenge – climate change.

COP26 may feel like a distant memory but its mission is far from complete. And while the climate emergency may feel like the concern of big business, it must be high on the agenda for small businesses too. According to a report from the British Business Bank, small businesses account for 43-53% of the UK’s business greenhouse gas emissions. Everyone has a part to play – but how?

Listen into this podcast series brought to you by British Business Bank and Lemon Quarters who were joined by small business leaders who are proving that you don’t have to be big to make a large impact.  In this episode we speak with Victoria Orr founder of Amandla Ubuntu, a unique, hybrid certified social enterprise focused on supporting women and children who are survivors of gender-based violence in South Africa. She buys ethically sourced art and crafts handmade in South Africa and sells online from the UK. Every purchase helps to fund vital services at The Saartjie Baartman Centre in Cape Town.