A positive playbook for change. How to find the silver lining in every cloud of uncertainty, in partnership with British Business Bank.

What a year 2020 has been. The world has, at times, been paralysed by an unexpected pandemic, the UK government has finalised the Brexit negotiations with the EU and US voters have, unusually, turfed out a President after just one term. If dealing with the fallout of those changes isn’t enough, the dual challenges of climate change and new technology continue to grow. In 2021, business leaders have two options: run for the hills or embrace change. Those who choose change will be the surefire winners in an increasingly uncertain business landscape.

Taking place in the grips of our third lockdown here in the UK, our webinar, A playbook for change: How to find the silver lining in a cloud of uncertainty, in partnership with British Business Bank, brought experts and leaders together to discuss how companies of all sizes could not just survive a period of great change, but thrive. We delved into some of the key secrets that change advocates swear by: accepting rather than resisting, creating a culture of learning and over-communicating.

The panel included; Marie-Claire Frederick, Co-founder Lemon Quarters Media, Richard Bearman, Managing Director Start Up Loans, part of British Business Bank, Luisa Alemany, Associate Prof Management Practice, Academic Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, Julia Munder, International Marketing Director, of leather luxury brand Maxwell-Scott and Margaret Morrison-Macleod, a former surveyor, and founder of the aromatherapy company, The Divine Hag.