How to show your support - speaking out on social issue...

Lemon Quarters Squared is a content marketing and events boutique consultancy, managed and run by a women.

Our founder is a mum to one little (actually maybe not so little) boy and has experienced challenges in her working life as mother in the world of advertising.  Marie-Claire – our founder is of Trinidadian and Nigerian descent. So for her, when it came to creating Lemon Quarters Squared, she wanted to build something that was flexible, inclusive and accommodating to her lifestyle not only as a mother, but also as a carer for her elderly grandmother.

When lockdown one hit, Lemon Quarters Squared was in a bit of a flux. Our business model was based on intimate roundtable style events, events that allowed for the creation of real and authentic business relationships to be formed.

So as we regrouped and found ways to recreate intimate events online, George Floyd was killed and the Black Lives Matter movement came to the fore.



As a content marketing business, we knew we had a responsibility to help clients find their voice and speak out on social issues. We knew that many were reluctant to take a stand for a number of reasons, primarily through not knowing what to say and not feeling that it was right for them to speak out.

We had come across some research that spoke to the reasons why speaking out is important for business as consumers become increasingly conscious of the ethical stand of the brands that they interact with. In fact, 53% of those polled said they are unlikely to buy from a company if they have a negative perception of its communication during the BLM movement. 

Check out more from the research here.


We decided the best way forward was to run an awareness event, bringing together a series of voices to share their expertises and advice to an audience of Fintech and SMEs.  So we created a panel discussion of expert speakers from within the tech and fintech industries to discuss this subject as part of a 35 minute webinar series. 

We also created a podcast as well as infographics with soundbites of the panel discussing highlights of their experiences as well as industry advice and tips for getting this topic discussed in a more authentic way – thus really connecting with other businesses.

You can listen here to the podcast of the event.


As we have grown in the past 18 months, we have become more assertive about social issues and one that we passionately support is getting more women into positions of leadership, be it in their own company or in the professional world.

So in August 2021, we launched Nurture Network, a networking hub for women of all backgrounds, locations and industries and at all career levels.

We want to help all women get a seat at the table. 

Wanna hear more about the Nurture Network and how you can join and support  a community of over 500 professional women, then drop me an email